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April Milam @ Hope Holistic Counseling & Wellness, PLLC

April Milam's mission is helping the hurting, from the scrapes of life to the deep wounds. We all have challenges that can benefit from support, education, new skills, or other healing. A holistic approach allows April to address the mind, body, and spirit when needed. She strives to provide a safe place to unburden yourself and share your thoughts and fears, or simply seek personal growth. We are all created for connection. Many problems come back to this core truth. April uses these same principles to examine blocks to this connection for individuals, couples, and families.

Counseling is being there to help, listen, guide, educate, confront, and encourage those who seek it.  Counseling techniques and approaches vary widely between counselors and the issues being addressed.  The mission remains the same but the methods change.  

April pulls from various counseling techniques and theories in order to best help the client and address the issue at hand.  In addition, she draws from alternative medicine, such as the NeuroEmotional Technique, and spiritual principles to build a holistic approach to counseling.  Mind, Body, and Spirit are addressed when needed.  

What issues can one work on in Counseling?

Counseling is designed to meet clients where they are with whatever the needs or struggles might be.  Certain counselors have specialties in different areas.  Just some of the areas that April can address in counseling include:  
•Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders
•Chronic Fatigue, Illness, Insomnia
•Relationships, Premarital and Marital Counseling, Divorce
•Self-sabotaging Behavior
•Sexual Assault/Abuse, Physical, Mental, and Emotional Abuse
•Anger, Conflict Resolution
•Stress Management, Work/Life Balance
•Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction
•Life Transitions, Retirement Adjustment, Problem Solving, Decision Making
•Obsessions/Compulsions, Phobias
•Personal, Professional, or Relationship Enrichment

Choosing a Counselor

Because you will be putting a good deal of time, money, and energy into counseling, you need to choose a counselor carefully.  As in any profession, counselors' personalities and approaches vary widely.  You want to find a counselor with whom you are comfortable.  In addition, you want to know that your counselor is educated, experienced, and licensed to help with your particular concern.  Feel free to ask potential counselors about their training, experience, and credentials.         

Note: April does not do custody evaluations or testify in court custody cases. 

To schedule an appointment, please call: 336.949.7607